Our Adventures So Far…

It’s been an incredible year for Chris and I! Actually, it’s been incredible since we met in 2012. Our story so far in brief…

3/2012 – Met!

7/2012 – Started Dating!

12/2012 – Engaged!

c & a

6/2013 – Married!


9/2013 – Chris started working as a teacher at Eastern Washington University as a Math Instructor

9/2014 – Chris & Ashley start to consider full-time ministry by joining the Aspiring Men program at Faith Bible Church (he took Greek & Hebrew there!)

9/2015 – Chris plans to attend Seminary in fall of 2016

2/2016 – Chris accepted at The Master’s Seminary!

8/2016 – Chris & Ashley move to SoCal and start seminary-life. Due to his Greek & Hebrew at FBC, Chris was able to test out of first level classes for both and jumped into Hebrew Exegesis his first semester of seminary. This is pretty unusual – but God was using it to prepare him for our NEXT BIG ADVENTURE!

6/2017 – Chris & Ashley move to Malawi, Africa for Chris to teach Hebrew and assist with administration at the Central African Preaching Academy (capa.prayformalawi.com)

5/2018 – Chris & Ashley return to the States.



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