Here it is! The big news about NEXT BIG ADVENTURE!




In a really exciting turn of events, Chris has been given an opportunity to teach Hebrew Exegesis at a TMAI (The Master’s Academy International–the international arm of the Master’s Seminary) in Malawi, Africa for one year. As the long-term teacher for that class transitions to Malawi, God has put it on our hearts to serve the Church and training center during this transition time. The center is the Central African Preaching Academy (www.capamalawi.org).


Chris loves the languages (particularly Hebrew) and is passionate about helping people understand them for the sake of their future ministry so this opportunity fits well with his passions and current skill. In Malawi, he will be able to help with training men, many of whom are currently pastoring, and will likely also be able to earn some seminary credit. Ashley has also been offered a role as Director of Development to help with things like U.S. & Malawi communications, donor relations, conferences/events and publications/translations. We are both very excited to be able to work and serve this ministry while we’re there!


Although it’s not as expensive to live in Malawi as it is to live in LA, it’s not free either. Financially, the total amount needed is about $30,000 for the entire year (including transition costs). Malawi is a cash society and access to foreign funds is difficult, so we will need to take the funds for the entire year with us. Yes, this will be a big challenge but we are trusting the Lord to provide what we need to do what He has called us to do!


We desire your partnership in the joy of gospel ministry! Would you pray for us daily in this endeavor? Every part of it is too much for us and we need God’s strength! Would you also prayerfully consider financially partnering with us (of course this would be above & beyond what you would usually give to the church)?


We are so grateful to have leaders at Faith Bible Church & Grace Community Church supportive of our desire. We are planning for Grace Community Church to be our official sending church but we still need to receive official approval from the elders there (Lord willing the first week of April) so we can begin to receive support from people. If you are willing to pray and/or able to give, please fill out this form (https://mullinsadventures.wufoo.com/forms/mullins-to-malawi/) to let us know so we can contact you with details for where to direct contributions when that information is available.


Specific prayer needs:

  • Faith to trust in God’s provision and strength for this. And that God would provide!
  • Ashley’s health: that the drugs for the RA would be effective and acquirable.
  • Grace in the transition from here to there and back again in a year.
  • More and more Malawian pastors to preach the Word of God in the country.
  • Grace to encourage and effectively serve the long-time missionaries in Malawi
  • For Chris to be able to teach Hebrew well so that the Malawian pastors can use it practically in their ministries.

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