Saying Goodbye to Say Hello

(Ashley’s necklace from PlanetJill)

From Ashley:

New beginnings are funny things. It’s never JUST a restart, it’s always accompanied by saying goodbye to things – often loved things – in order to move to the next thing. For our new beginning to start, the first goodbye is saying goodbye to my job! I told my boss that I was moving to Africa last week and they are already interviewing (awesome, well qualified) candidates.

Leaving a job may not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things but it’s a sad thing for me because I enjoy what I do and, because I work for small companies, I know there is so much room to grow! This job could have turned out to be my career. I am drawn to being successful and earning my own money and seeing the fruit of my labors. Which is not a bad desire! The virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 is a hard worker and earns an income from her labors. What set her apart, though, was NOT that she was a successful women but that she was a woman who feared the Lord.

It’s not easy saying goodbye to my job (probably forever), my comfortable apartment, my new friends (for a time) and the life in SoCal that we JUST seemed to adjust to. It’s not easy but the cost is worth it. It’s worth it all for Chris to be able to serve at CAPA training men to be able understand and preach the whole council of God. It’s worth it all for me to be able to use my administrative gifts for CAPA to help them connect with donors and help people get as excited as we are about what they are doing in Malawi for the gospel. It’s worth it all, it’s worth all of our lives, to obey God, to proclaim the Majesty of Christ and to share the treasure of His Word.

It’s a light, momentary affliction that is absolutely worth it (there are others trials happening, too, that I’ll share about later). The goodbyes are hard. But the next adventure that God has for us is breathtakingly worth it.

If you’d like to partner with us in this (financially and spiritually in prayer), check out our How to Give post or sign up here.

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