Our First Week in Malawi!

Hello again from Malawi, Africa! I am writing this from the couch in our apartment. Our counter-parts, Sam & Amanda left earlier this week so we have officially taken over their car, home and some responsibilities at CAPA. It was wonderful to be able to have a week for Chris to get the official DL about the responsibilities he is taking over for Sam. Chris is eager to get started!

Although we are glad to be getting settled into our own space, we were sad to leave Matt & Brianne Kopp’s house. They have been more than hospitable to us, they have really taken us under their wing and have been so helpful with helping us adjust to the time zone, learn to drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, how to navigate the town, buy produce from street vendors and even how to communicate a little in the local language, Chichewa (very helpful on so many occasions, especially for police stops!). Zikomo kwambili (thank you very much) Matt & Brianne!

We are enjoying our new home! It is bigger than our place in LA (especially the kitchen!) and we are thankful to have most everything we need already provided for us. The compound we are living in is fenced in with guards and gardeners who have already been very kind to us (Sam and Amanda really paved the way for us to have good relationships with the folks here!). I brought some sourdough starter with me from home (dried, of course) and I have sourdough bread in the oven now! Brianne and I made a loaf last week at her house and I’m glad to be able to share and continue my sourdough baking here!


Chris spent most of last week at CAPA. He isn’t teaching yet but he has been sitting in on the week’s intensive Holy Spirit classes. He is so thankful to be observing the class dynamics and see how the CAPA leaders here present material, handle problems and present new material to the men. Next year they will be not only working through the final year of the first MDiv class (where Chris will be teaching Hebrew) but they will also have a new MDiv class starting AND a diploma class! It will be a very busy and exciting year at CAPA! We are so glad to be here and excited to help as we can – it seems that we should have a lot of opportunities! The CAPA team that is here is amazing. We have felt incredibly supported by them all and are so thankful for the opportunity that we have this year to learn from them.

Our anniversary was last Thursday! We celebrated by going to the Wildlife Center in the afternoon, shopping for some home items and out to a fancy dinner. It was a very fun and special day! We have a tradition of picking out a piece of art wherever we are on our anniversary trips and this year we decided to get a carved wood piece at the farmer’s market today! It has the “big five” animals (buffalo, lion, elephant, rhinoceros , and cheetah) on it and is very hefty and African. 🙂

Thank you for your continued prayers for us! These are things that we would like pray for in the upcoming weeks:

  • We are still waiting to receive Chris’ TEP. They will be following up in the next few weeks. Pray it would be approved and not need to be resubmitted!
  • Help as we adjust to life in Malawi. That we wouldn’t get homesick, anxious or irritable as we face inconveniences and difficulties here.
  • That we would be a blessing to the other missionaries here.
  • Preparations for the Hebrew Classes coming up.
  • Patience and wisdom as we learn the things we’re doing here and step into them.
  • We have both been convicted about wanting to grow in prayer. Pray that we would grow in this!

2 thoughts on “Our First Week in Malawi!

  1. Dorothy Sherrard

    Thank you for sharing, Ashley, so we know how to pray for you guys! And thanks for keeping in touch via your blog! We love you guys so much!


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