Hebrew Intensive Week & Life in Malawi

Thank you for praying for us this week! Chris worked long hours to prepare for class each day this week and finished well! I (Ashley) got to sit in on class for a few hours and was encouraged to hear the men say things like “The dust is shaking off!” (from their last Hebrew class about three months ago). Chris is an excellent teacher, able to laugh with the men, ask good questions and bring focus back. Hebrew is a notoriously difficult subject but Chris is teaching it with passion and vision that will, by God’s grace, continue to help the men here develop skills to be able to grasp the text and preach it well.


We have a two week break before classes officially begin again. Module One starts on August 29th. Not only are there going to be classes for the 18 MDiv men going into their last year at CAPA but CAPA will also be taking a new class of MDiv students and a Diploma class. We will have close to ninety students going into the new school year! We came for Chris to teach Hebrew Exegesis to the third year MDIv students but he will also be teaching others as well like Hermeneutics, Exegesis, Writing and some beginning Greek. He is also helping with some Admin and IT tasks as well. Of course, he’s not the only one who will be busy. Every professor at CAPA will be running at full steam ahead. Pray for them! It’s a very busy time for everyone!

Personally we are still adjusting to life here. Power cuts are becoming more frequent and most days it seems that we lose power for six to eight hours. Most expats here have Inverters that store power on batteries to power lights, the refrigerator, the wifi router, etc. We also have one but it is not working and needs new batteries. So when we lose power for a long time, we usually run a noisy generator (so thankful for that!) to cool the fridge and run the stove for a bit. Evenings without power involve candles, lanterns and an early bed time J! Last year there were also water shortages that we anticipate happening again this year. Living in a very poor third world country isn’t easy, especially with an American “just fix it” mindset. Malawians don’t think like that. Things get done through relationships and negotiation. It’s not bad, it’s just different. We’re learning how to manage our expectations!

Things I love about Malawi (in no particular order):

  • Grocery Shopping! Produce selection at the grocery store is inconsistent (actually, all of their selection is inconsistent, they don’t have the same things from week to week or sometimes day to day!) but so far they have always had something available and it’s almost always very cheap! Like giant avocados for about $.25! But you don’t just shop at the store… there are men everywhere (usually on the side of the road) selling bunches of bananas, papayas, watermelon, and more for reasonable prices. It’s so fun to buy from them and negotiate! (Side note: there are men on the streets selling EVERYTHING: mops & brooms, shoes, puppies, live chickens, mice on sticks, globes, doughnuts… it’s amazing!)
  • Cooking! All that cheap produce needs to be cooked! I love having the time to be able to prepare healthy meals for Chris and I and others, too, even if it means running the generator.
  • The CAPA team! We LOVE the other missionary families here we get to serve with. They are seasoned, wise and so helpful! I’m learning about living in Malawi, being a good wife, being hospitable, supporting a hardworking husband and balancing life and ministry. It’s such a valuable time for us both! God is good to allow us this year adventure to teach us these lessons in such a unique way!
  • Malawi! Malawi is called the “warm heart of Africa” we genuinely love it here. We appreciate how relational and interconnected the communities are here. We love how beautiful it is. We love being able to serve and help CAPA make an impact on the lives and congregations of pastors here!


Thank you for reading and staying connected to us! We are starting to miss home and family and friends (and tacos and Starbucks, too, if I’m being honest) but we feel so loved and supported by you all and are glad to be here.

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy some tacos and Starbucks (or if you’re REALLY lucky, Dutch Bros) for us!

5 thoughts on “Hebrew Intensive Week & Life in Malawi

  1. sharon mullins

    Dear Chris, I bet your glad your first class is behind you.
    The new school is opening here at church with 10 students. Praise God that many will be able to stay here for school. Maybe you will want to go here when you get back.
    Gods blessings to both of you,
    Grandma Mullins


  2. Michelle

    Thank you for the update! It’s nice to hear about life there in Malawi! Adjusting to another place is both fun and challenging. Sounds like you’re doing well though! Love you guys!


  3. Jim and Patty Brown

    Hola Chris and Ashley, I finally found your blog site, and enjoyed reading about your life. How wonderful that our Lord has blessed you with this incredible time to serve Him together. We are thankful that He has gifted you to do what He needs done, and encouraged by your faithfulness in following His lead. We do miss you both, and pray that as He continues to guide you each day, you will be showered with His abundant blessings. We have your prayer card with others missionaries up on our wall, and will continue to bring you all before God’s merciful throne of grace. May He fill your hearts with His goodness to lessen your lonliness of missing family and familiar things, and ease your difficulties by giving you His strength and stamina to accomplish what He has set aside for you. Stay strong and focused on Him, and learn anew how to rely on Him for exactly what your hearts need each day. Love to you both. Ephesians 2:4-7
    PS – I will be more than happy to assist you by having a taco (or two) in your honor – Jimmy will drink the coffee ❤ When you return, let's all go find a place to taste them together!


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