Lake Adventure Day!

We (by “we” I mean Chris and all the professors at CAPA) are gearing up for Module 3 that starts next Tuesday. It’s been a very busy few months for everyone here and the Kopp’s decided to take a “day off” and go to the lake (Lake Malawi) to celebrate Malawian Mother’s Day that happened last Sunday. Since Chris and I have been talking about going to the lake for months, we thought it would be fun to join them. So early yesterday the Kopp family, Ayres family, Jana, Rachael (Jana & Rachael are here to assist the Kopp’s and Ayres with homeschooling this year) and Chris and I packed up in three cars and headed to the lake.

It was a fun day with a lot of unforeseen lessons.

Lesson 1:

Always say yes to the lake. If someone invites us, we’re going. Even if they don’t invite us, we may try to join them anyways… It’s beautiful there! Absolutely beautiful. Soft sand, waves, sun, tropical flowers, palm trees. It’s getting hot here (in the 90s – with some humidity and no AC in any of our homes) so it was amazing to escape the heat and get into the water.


Lesson 2:

Everything is negotiable. We’re learning this more and more about Malawi but it was fun to see it in action as Matt Kopp and Jim Ayres negotiated prices for our lunch at the resort (whose beach we were using). We ended up with a discount for adults by just having the main course buffet without soup and dessert.

Lesson 3:

Always rub in spray on sunscreen. (Poor Chris! But don’t worry too much, it was just his shoulders and it’s already fading)

Lesson 4:

Always travel with friends with a bigger car than yours.

And tow ropes.


And positive attitudes.

Matt practicing his water skiing moves

We’re so glad we didn’t go the lake by ourselves all those times we talked about going!

(Matt Kopp towed our car home, Jim Ayres drove behind and helped us when the rope broke three times and helped us merge into long crazy spots of traffic)

Lesson 5:

A group of mzungu (white people) with car trouble is real entertainment.


Lesson 6:

Nissan Tiida’s (our car, basically a Nissan Versa) has a special tow hook that you can screw into the front of the car. After unsuccessfully searching for a place to loop the tow rope, Chris found the hook in the trunk (or “boot” as they call it here). Phew!

Lesson 7:

God is good even in hard things! We made it home safely and before dark, we have a car we can borrow and there is a car mechanic that is coming to our house today to look at the car and help us get it fixed. Things could have been a lot worse!


Please continue to pray for us! Pray that our car trouble would be able to fixed simply and quickly. Pray that the upcoming module would go well – that the professors would teach well and that the students would learn well. Pray that we would be able to endure the heat well. Pray for our hearts and attitudes to remain focused on the gospel in all we do here! And pray that we would know Christ more and more.

Thank you for continuing to read our blog! We appreciate you all!


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