CAPA Graduation!

Class of 2018! (MDiv students in black, Diploma students in blue)

Gideon Manda, the dean of students at CAPA, told us an African story the other day. An elephant and a rabbit walked crossed a bridge together, which shook as they crossed it. The rabbit raised his hands and said, “We are making the bridge shake!”

That is how we felt as we saw the students graduate from CAPA last week. We were a tiny piece, God was doing a huge work and the team here has put in years of effort before we joined but we felt like we had some small part in the “bridge shaking,” – not that we can boast in our part at all but in God who worked in us to do even the tiny bit that we did do!

CAPA graduated 16 Master of Divinity students, 22 one year Diploma students, and 3 Certificate of Attendance students last Thursday.

Chris had an opportunity to teach both groups of men, Hebrew to the MDiv students and Bible Overview, Introduction to Exegesis, and a bit of writing to the Diploma students. Both classes’ valedictorians mentioned how difficult Chris’ classes were so I think he did well! J

On Wednesday night before the graduation, the CAPA faculty hosted a graduation dinner for the MDiv graduates. Many of them had an opportunity to share how God had worked in their lives through CAPA. It was incredibly sweet! They talked about the rigor of the program (especially learning the Biblical languages) and how many of them had been tempted to quit but through persevering they grew in both character and knowledge.

One of the students in particular shared how when he started the program, he was so stubborn and unwilling to learn but through his time at CAPA, he became more teachable and even eventually sought out those with different views than he had so he could understand why they believe what they believe from Scripture.

Praise God that CAPA has been able to influence the lives of these men and ministries! Through the graduates, the current students and the future students, God is working in Malawi!

But graduation was a bit bitter for us as well. It means that our time here is nearly complete. We each have a count down on our phones that tell us the days until we leave and we are amazed at how fast the days are ticking by and how much we still have left to do. More than even task completion, we are eager to spend our last few weeks here connecting with our friends here and ending our time well. We will miss it all so much!

We still ask for your prayers!

  • For the graduates: that they would take what they have learned at CAPA and put it into practice in their ministries.
  • For our remaining time here: that we would complete the outstanding tasks we have to do with joy and in the strength of the Lord.
  • For the team here: that they would have the help they need for the future, in particular administration help and Hebrew help.
  • For our transition: that God would be honored through us and strengthen us, we know the transition is going to be hard!

Thank you for continuing to pray for us and keep up with us!

CAPA Faculty

3 thoughts on “CAPA Graduation!

  1. Sharon Mullins

    How wonderful and fulfilling for you and Ashley to be a part of this. Were looking forward to seeing
    you soon. Hope you have a good trip home.
    Love Grandna

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mom

    How exciting to be a part of such amazing work for eternity! To God be the glory! I’m looking forward to seeing the fruit that will come from the hard work all of the graduates have put into sharing God’s love and truth for the salvation of many. Praise to their families who also sacrificed for these godly men to be able to attend CAPA! Praise for the infinite hours all of the faculty devoted to the training of these men of God and their sweet, godly wives (and children) who sacrificed time with their husbands (and dads) for God’s glory!
    I’m so excited to have you both back home. Praying for sweet times together as a family.
    With much love,


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