Current Prayer Requests

Thank you for desiring to pray for us!

Through every part of our adventure, we are learning more and more our dependence on God alone who can help us. He has been caring for us and is so kind! Thank you for laboring alongside us in prayer!

Please pray for…

  • Healing for Ashley’s back (surgery October 3) and ongoing arthritis pain. God is the one who heals but He does use doctors as instruments… pray that they would be wise and able to help. And that we would trust God when they cannot.
  • Help at Ashley’s job as she works through physical pain that takes time away from work and makes work harder to do. Pray for wisdom if she should make a change in the future to a different department.
  • Chris’ classes at TMS. The semester is from August-November. Pray for grace to learn the material well and meet all of the class requirements in dependence on God. Pray that Chris would know when to work and when to rest.
  • Chris as a teacher at Moody Aviation. Pray that he would have opportunities to strengthen and encourage his students through his class!
  • That God would spare Chris and Ashley from further calamity while growing both in holiness, perseverance in the faith, and however else He wants. His will be done!
  • For our effectiveness in College Ministry. 2019-2020 will be our second year and we are eager to serve the students!
  • That God would be glorified in all of our trouble and that He would comfort us so that we can share that comfort with others.

Answers to prayer:

  • God provided for all of our needs as we transitioned from Malawi to Boise and then to Spokane. It was not always (or usually) easy, but God helped us in every way. Specifically God provided a second car, a home at a reasonable price with wonderful landlords, jobs for Chris, a job for Ashley, health insurance, good doctors and medical care, ministry opportunities, re-connection with old friends and new connections with new friends and more. He has shown His care for us in practical ways (although not always in the ways we wanted or the time we wanted).
  • Our time serving at CAPA in Malawi from June 2017 to May 2018 was useful and rewarding. We loved the CAPA students and loved the other missionary families. It was an incredibly sweet year (of course there were plenty of challenges along the way!).
  • God is providing for CAPA as a ministry in many ways through many changes last year and into next year.
  • God provided all of the funds for us to go to CAPA. And provided for all of our needs while we were in Malawi (including an American surgeon when we needed one!).

This page had not been updated in some time so I used the opportunity to condense and rephrase (July 28th Update).

3 thoughts on “Current Prayer Requests

  1. Sharon Mullins

    Did you eat the rooster? We had to eat something so plane like turkey. We were a small group. Melinda and Paul went to Tiffany’s along with your parents. Misty and the kids come over that was
    really nice to see them.
    We got some kitten that hid almost all the time everyone was here. Never thought I would ever get
    pets again. It’s been many years that we haven’t.
    Christopher we hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!
    We keep both of you in our prays.
    Love Grandma Mullins


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