So. How are we?

So. How are we?

We’ve been getting that question a lot. It’s a loaded question, of course, how are we doing physically, how are we doing emotionally, how are we doing spiritually, how are we doing with our transitions, how are we doing with packing, how are we doing with raising support?

Well, let me tell you!

Today, for the first time in a week, I left the house. We went to a brunch in the park with a group of seminary families. It was a sweet time and a good chance to get out from our plain walls and our engulfing couch where I’ve reclined for the most of the last week.

Last Thursday Chris finished up all of his work for the semester and I had laparoscopy surgery on Friday. He transitioned directly from working hard for school to working hard to care for me and to pack and move. He has been amazing! I’m healing and generally feeling pretty well but it is still a process and I have to remember to not push myself to do more than I can. It’s difficult with so much to do but God has been gracious to give me the energy that I need to do some things and has provided help to do things that would be too much. For example, seminary and church friends have been bringing us meals for the last week and are signed up to bring us meals this next week! It’s a huge blessing to us that we don’t have to worry about what to eat!

We are currently packing for Malawi (and Boise & Spokane!) AND packing all of our other belongings to store for a year. We are SO thankful that we have a free, clean, dry, safe place to store our belongings while we are away. Here’s a little glimpse of our packing process…

Stuff for Malawi!
 We plan to move the remainder of our belongings that we’re going to store next Thursday so we have less than a week to get everything packed and ready. It’s overwhelming but there is progress! (Pssst: if you’re in Santa Clarita and happen to have a free evening on Thursday, we’d love to have your help!)

Each Monday we are emailed a financial update. Each Monday we’re continuously humbled and thankful for people’s generosity and support! We are over 2/3 of the way to fully supported including both what has been pledged and what has been given for our year in Malawi (almost 50% given and almost 20% pledged). We will continue to fund raise while we are there and will have a visiting team or professor bring the remaining funds to us during the year. If you would like to give before we leave, you can do so on the Grace Church website here. If you would like to give during the time we’re away, please let us know by filling out this form so we know what to expect! Thank you for giving and thank you for praying! Again, it is so humbling to need help and to ask for help. And oddly, even more humbling to see our needs being met. The body of Christ is absolutely incredible! Willing to cook, work, give, serve, pray and love us in ways that we never could have expected (see our current prayer requests for ways you can be praying)! You all seem to ENJOY helping us! It is a blessing and encouragement to us. May we serve CAPA as well as we have been served on our way!

Thank you, also, for continuing to read our posts! We appreciate you keeping up on our journey and look forward to continuing to share our life in this way.

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